10 Ways to Channel Your Inner Marilyn and Margot at a Goddess Party


The concept behind a goddess event is to recognize all the blessings you can get from being a woman. Also, it is a wonderful means to bond with each other through difficult moments in life.

The power of determination and courage can assist women conquer many of their challenges. This can be celebrated by close family members at a celebration of the goddess.

It’s a crowd-pleasing celebration

Marilyn and Margot

Acmi’s Goddess exhibition opened this week to kick off Melbourne Winter Masterpieces. The curator is Bethan Johnson, the exhibition highlights the work of artists who challenged their narratives that shattered expectations, and challenged tropes in cinema history, while unpacking how the screen has affected society’s perception of women.

One of the show’s most striking pieces that is a bright pink satin gown of Gentleman Prefer Blondes is displayed as a reimagining on the screen. Models Winnie Harlow Margot Robbie, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara actor Elaine Crombie all wear the gown in a heady montage.

It is possible to see a variety of notable dresses throughout the film, such as those of Mae West and Anna May Wong as well as Michelle Yeoh’s. Additionally, costumes are from Geena Davis and Glenn Close, including a amazing flesh-colored gown created by Orry Kelly for Some Like It Hot.

It’s a pleasant stroll through as well as the music and soundscapes which accompany every exhibition are played at a perfect pitch. It’s a refreshing break from the modern-day exhibits which feature gimmicky interactive displays.

It’s not just the content that makes the experience enjoyable. It also celebrates the pioneers and the rebels who have challenged the stereotypes of women who appear on the screen. So often reduced to the position of starlet, bombshell, and screen sirens Women have stood up to the status quo and created an industry around them, limiting them with an unrelenting creativity and collective power.

From feminists who transgressed genders to revolutionaries, these goddesses filled positions and spaces that broke glass ceilings, project unity and transformed society with crucial stories and complex characters. Although they may not be capable of dispelling all sexual stereotypesbut they are able to stand to defend their views and call on others to adhere to their principles.

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