A Look at the Victims of the Peshawar Attack: Real People, Real Stories


The suicide bombing took place on the day of the attack at a mosque in Peshawar’s Police Lines of Peshawar in Pakistan. The attack resulted in suffering of 147 victims and many being in critical health. Prayers and thoughts are with all the victims and their families while we feel their sorrow and anguish. Shehbaz Sharif is the prime minister of Pakistan is strongly condemning the attack and has quickly dispatched security forces and rescue teams to the area. In addition, he has announced that the Federal government will collaborate to strengthen the capacity to fight terrorism in the provinces to lessen the likelihood that such incidents will occur later on.

1. What occurred during Peshawar which injured 147 persons?

The tragic incident that took place in Peshawar, Pakistan on June 23, 2020. Peshawar, Pakistan on June 23rd, 2020 which left 147 injured and 17 dead. Reports indicate that a bomb was detonated within the area of a mosque. It caused the devastating injuries and fatalities. The incident is believed have been the work of one of the suicide bombers who was at the mosque, but the motive behind the attack is not yet known. The devastation that followed was horrendous, with many of the victims left with serious fractures, burns, as well as, in some cases, permanent disabilities. After the incident officials from the Pakistani government has promised to enhance security measures as well as in order to ensure justice to the people accountable for the attacks.

3. What did the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif denounced most strongly?

The Prime Secretary Shehbaz Sharif in Pakistan has strongly condemned an attack of devastating magnitude on the town of Peshawar where at least 17 people were killed and 90 others injured. The incident, which happened on March 3rd it was an abominable and senseless act of violence And the Prime Minister’s categorical condemnation of the attack is indicative of the strong position taken by the government in the fight against terrorism. He’s declared that terrorist incidents will not go unpunished, and that the perpetrators of the attack will be brought to justice. This stance of strong resistance to terrorism, and the commitment to justice, represents the position which the government of Pakistan against terror, and it is an important aspect of efforts to restore peace and peace to the region.

4. How many people were killed in the deadly bombing at Kocha Risaldar area of Peshawar?

It’s extremely sad to hear about the recent terrorist attack that occurred in Kocha Risaldar, Peshawar. As reported, at seventeen people were killed and 90 others suffered injuries in the bombing. This tragedy is warning of the fragility of life and the volatile nature of the surrounding area. Although the precise cause behind the attack is not determined, the incident serves to stress the importance of taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety and security for the residents of this region. The attack killed many killed, and serves as a reminder that you must be alert and swift in responding to any danger.

Quick Summary

The act of terror has been designed to provoke the fear of hatred and violence within the society. In condemnation of the tragic incident and the plight of its victims, Prime Minister Imran Khan has demanded an immediate probe of the suicide bombing. The act of violence that was utterly obscene has caused the loss of hundreds of innocent lives. we grieve for those affected by this attack. All of us must stand in unity and condemn violent acts of terror and work together to prevent any future terrorist attacks to occur.

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