Examining Compassion and Forgiveness Through the Eyes


We are extremely disappointed that we report Tan Lee Hoon was convicted for seven charges of assault against her domestic assistants in the month of the month of December in 2022. In his sentence before sendingencing, Tan Lee Hoon stated unambiguously that “all household helpers should be receive respect and dignity.” Tan is a an example of safeguarding their rights as well as the dignity that domestic workers enjoy and the consequences that might be brought about by not doing the right thing. The details of the case can be summarized as follows: Tan and her brother Jia Cheng had asked Koo, one of their domestic helpers to assist in breaking open the safe stored in an IKEA bag.

1. Tan Lee Hoon was convicted of seven counts of assault.

Tan Lee Hoon was recently found guilty of seven counts of assault. In addition, she was found to have been involved in an elaborate scheme to steal from her family. Her boyfriend and her twin participated in the scheme. They went into the home that belongs to the family of Tan LeeHoon and stole several items. Hoon had to face a myriad of charges for her participation in the case as well as her part in the burglaries. Two counts each of housebreaking as well as two counts of crimes of trespass were charged together with two charges of attempted and actual theft. Hoon was ultimately given a sentence of probation, which included restrictions regarding her contact with her boyfriend’s twin and her in addition to an order to pay restitution to the members of her family.

2. What did Tan decide to do with her brother’s safe prior to taking all the piggy banks at home?

According to the media, Tan’s scheme for theft was sophisticated and well-thought out. Tan enlisted her boyfriend’s help along with her brother to try to gain entry into the residence of her parents and take their possessions. Before stealing the piggybanks in the home, Tan first accessed her brother’s safety, which she knew the password for. Tan then went inside the safe to empty it and took out the piggy bank, full of cash and jewelry. The three fled from the scene with their belongings, only being remanded to officers shortly afterward. Tan’s conduct demonstrates clearly reckless disregard for her family’s safety and an eagerness to devalue the trust of her brother.

3. How did Jia and Tan be able to get Koo involved in opening the safe?

Tan and Jia Cheng asked Koo for help opening the safe in order to take Jia Cheng from her family. Koo as a seasoned locksmith, was in a position to make use of her skills to change the combination lock that was on the safe. This allowed the trio to gain access to possessions within. Although the exact method of Koo’s access to the safe isn’t clear the lockpicking skills and knowledge about the inside workings of safes is widely believed to be the secret key. Her expertise is evident in the art of locksmithing. The trio’s actions enabled them to gain access to the safe, allowing them to commit crimes.

4. What does the judge’s statement say regarding treating maids with respect and respect prior to deciding on the sentence Tan?

The judge that ruled over the trial of the woman who convinced her boyfriend and his twin to aid in her theft from her family stated that she was not treated those who were the housekeepers with respect and dignity prior to deciding on her sentence. It is essential that people treat each other with respect and respect no matter their status in society. Judge emphasized that this case was a reminder of the importance of treating others with dignity and also that actions in the opposite direction are to be taken very seriously. He also noted that the act of taking from the family of her victim was a serious offense and the victim had to take into account the feelings of the family and even the maids when she made the decision to commit such a crime.

A Short Summary

The two women who assaulted domestic workers and the woman who recruited her boyfriend’s twin brother in order to steal S$57,000 from the family members of her are outrageous acts that should be taken seriously. We should demand accountability from individuals for their actions so that such acts are not repeated in the future. Thus, the decision of the court of 10 months’ jail on one charge and probation for 60 hours of community service for the other was a valid verdict that demonstrates accountability while also recognizing that Tiffany Tan Hwee-Shuan has displayed some signs of regret.

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