Exploring the Hidden Easter Egg in ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 5


It’s hard to overstate the fact the show “Last of Us” sticks to the original material. This is the reason why it an excellent TV series. Episode 5 tries to re-create some of the most painful music from the game. even tweaking one minor scene so that it hits hard.

Henry as well as Sam’s story

The episode’s first episode is combat between snipers in suburban suburbs. It’s a fantastic illustration of how the show can seamlessly turn gaming scenes into thrilling movie-style spectacles. Joel sneaks into the scene and attempts to kill the sniper with his long-range weapon. This move perfectly matches one of the games that requires players to perform exactly the same.

This is followed by an exchange that is ambiguous, in which Ellie says she killed 2 of the infected. This is reminiscent of a section of the game, where you can’t go outside with any weapon because of the massive swarm of people infected beneath the city.

The best scene in the episode does not actually feature the use of video games. Sam wakes up and Henry comforts him, telling his son that they’re all safe. There’s no infection on the surface so it’s not a problem to be worried about snipers. Henry draws a face-mask superhero onto his paper to help keep Sam in a calm state, an uplifting gesture that reminds us of that jolly side of the show and its original material.

Kathleen’s story

Kathleen, Melanie Lynskey of Yellowjackets) is sharing her experience with Henry in a sad scene. FEDRA is the militant organization located in Kansas City that killed her brother Michael. Kathleen is determined to get revenge.

Despite the fact that her brother has told her to forgiving Henry, Kathleen is now hell-bent on pursuing revenge against him. This is a thrilling scene that ties in the show’s themes of the cycles of revenge and the way everyone is either a protagonist or villain based on their viewpoint.

It includes a character who is interesting, Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) is a commando that assists Kathleen in her pursuit in the search for Henry and Joel. The story is darker than previous episodes because of the morally questionable character.

He also helps her be less reckless with her plans to retaliate. Though it’s not a huge thing however, it demonstrates the efforts to make her more relatable as a character.

The Bloater

In Episode 5 of ‘The The Last of Us’, Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Henry (Lamar Johnson) were sucked into an infected mass who emerged from a sinkhole. Bloater was among the affected, and the episode proved to be the scariest moment during the show.

This isn’t the same creature as those Clickers Joel, Ellie, and Tess could avoid in previous episodes. It has large fungal growth which creates a challenge to eradicate. The fungus can be observed, but it is still possible to kill it. The fungus will soon commence to burn the armor plating of its body, making vulnerable to strategies based on fire.

The appearance of The Bloater isn’t just a cool feature for the show, it’s also a big nod to a game people who love the show might recognize. In the first video game, players are able to control Sarah, a fictional character Sarah who dies in the course of a battle against soldiers.

Easter Eggs to play video games

“The Last of Us” HBO version of Naughtydog’s “The The Last of Us” has a bounty of Easter eggs that viewers will want to see. Below are a few of the most well-known ones found in the upcoming episode:

“Ellie’s Pun Book — Ellie performed jokes using her Pun Book and Joel to ensure that she makes The Last of Us memorable. This is a great feature, and it’s great to see her use it on the show.

Stumbling upon an out-of-order Mortal Kombat arcade game – In this episode, Ellie and Joel meet an arcade console that has an older version of Mortal Kombat. It’s a sweet tribute to Ellie’s love for Riley in the video of the game’s Left Behind DLC.

Tess’s lighter – – Another interesting Easter egg we’ve found this week is Tess’s lighter, it’s marked with a star , and at 76. It’s a reference at the Uncharted series that is produced by Naughty Dog.

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