Examining the Geopolitics Behind Russia’s Move Into Ukraine


This week, the ongoing conflict within Ukraine’s east regarding Donbas seems to have taken to a completely different course. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleskiy has claimed that Soledar was taken over at the hands of Ukrainian forces. There has not been an official confirmation. CNN’s team saw Ukrainian troops withdrawing from the region with a planned retreat. In his statement, Mr Zelensky declared that high-ranking Ukrainian commanders had analysed the circumstances and concluded the need to reinforce Soledar in addition to the villages nearby. Since 2014, the troubled Donbas region has been the heart of conflict between Ukrainian forces, Moscow-backed separatists and the separatists of Moscow. Mr Zelensky has claimed that the victory will be the first significant victory for Moscow within the last six years.

1. What can Ukrainian defense officials tell us about the arrest of Soledar?

Recently, Ukrainian defense officials have confirmed their belief that the Russian military has taken over control over the city of Soledar which is located within the Donetsk region of Ukraine. In the past, Soledar was previously a stronghold for Ukrainian forces and Ukrainian troops, this is a significant development in the conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Soledar located near the conflict’s frontline, serves as a major supply route for both Ukrainian forces and Russian forces. As such, its capture by Russian forces is a significant boost to their presence in the area. Ukrainian forces had held the town for some weeks before their capture, but eventually did not manage to stop the assault of the Russian army.

2. What was it like to be the CNN team to be present at the retreat of Ukrainian troops from the region?

The political situation in Ukraine is extremely tense following the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Russian forces continuously threatening to capture more territory from Ukraine. Recent reports indicated that the Ukrainian forces were able to withstand Russian soldiers who were trying to pursue Soledar. It was reported that the CNN team in the area observed the Ukrainian forces withdrawing from the area, leading to speculation about reasons for this. An investigation later revealed that Ukrainian troops had pulled out because of a lack of food and supplies. Also, it was determined that the withdrawal was not a outcome of a defeat by the military. This withdrawal of Ukrainian forces was an intentional tactical move taken by the Ukrainian government to avoid further losses and safeguard their soldiers in the event of future conflicts.

3. Was the Zelenskiy’s ability to assess the Donbas area?

Recently this week, The president. Zelenskiy, the newly elected president of Ukraine took his time to review the current situation in the Donbas region of Ukraine. In particular, he has examined the ongoing protests against Russian forces in the city of Soledar. He noted the resilience of the Ukrainian troops and their capacity to resist the Russian advancement. To comprehend the seriousness of the current situation The mr. Zelenskiy studied the history of the region and its political, economic and military ramifications. In addition, he has paid careful attentively to efforts by both sides to come to an agreement, in addition to the existence of international organisations in the region. Ultimately, Mr.

A Short Synopsis

As a result, the current situation in the eastern region of Ukraine remains precarious and highly disputable. Although Moscow claims to have been able to capture Soledar, heavy fighting is ongoing, and Ukrainian forces remain in the area. Capture of Soledar could be a major victory for Russian troops, however, it’s not clear if they will be able to keep control of the town in spite of the constant fighting with Kyiv as well as its allies. All eyes will be closely to see how this unfolds, as this region has seen a lot of conflict and tension during the last few years.

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