Exploring the Benefits of Cloud-Based Technology to Improve Intergenerational Collaboration


An environment that is multigenerational requires an understanding of the various motivations, goals as well as communication styles and expectations.

A multigenerational team can also bring the ability to feel empathy and trust between employees and managers.

Even though managing this group of employees is complicated, it can be an excellent occasion to improve cross-generational connections. Through the use of technology, supervisors can create a workplace where all employees feel valued and are able satisfy individual demands.

The Baby Boomers

The baby boomers are a key customer for technology firms. They are more supportive of digital technology than the public gives them credit for, and they have plenty of cash to spend on technology.

Unlike millennials and Gen Z, Boomers don’t necessarily need to be “smart.” Boomers are simply looking for the best from technology and profit from the benefits.

How they’re using technology can enhance the cross-generational workplace and help businesses succeed. They could, for example, use technology to demonstrate or evaluate new products or services.

It is also possible to use technology to provide a better customer experience. In this way, they can improve loan application processing as well as improving mobile banking for instance. With the help of the Baby Boomers’ needs, financial institutions can win over Baby Boomers and create more loyal customers.

Gen X

Generation X came into existence between the years of 1965 and 1980. The rise and development of technology and incompetence on the part of politicians (Watergate as well as Three Mile Island), along with wars, and economic decline have all been witnessed by GenX.

They’re highly technologically-aware, adaptable and have an unique view of technology. That is why they are willing to use the latest tools and software.

However, Generation X also requires patience and comprehension. Generation X might be wary of being micromanaged, and would rather use email instead of phone meetings or calls.

Gen X has a reputation for performing exceptionally well in the event that they’re passionate about their work and find it fulfilling. Gen X is often overlooked when it comes to promotions, but Gen X is now beginning to establish itself within the work place.

Generation Y

The biggest group in the work force is the younger generation. They are different than previous generation because of their distinct characteristics and high expectations.

While millennials are frequently depicted as negative, they do have distinct ideas and characteristics that could be beneficial businesses in tough times. They’re known as problem solvers which are flexible and able to change quickly.

They also value flexibility, which attracts every generation. They’re looking for employers who can meet their requirements and is willing to support the company as they develop.

The millennial generation wants to know what the organization is all about and the ways they can help to the company, therefore companies should concentrate on educating their employees effectively. It can help retain and attract the millennials.

Gen Z

Gen Z is a group of digital natives brought up in a world with smartphones and instant access to information. They are tech-savvy, expect employers to embrace the new technologies whether they’re customers or employees.

Gen Zers may be attracted and retained by using technologies. Particularly, it’s crucial to offer them solid employee benefits packages including health insurance and retirement plans.

Additionally, it’s crucial to provide a workplace where communication is a priority, because Gen Z is known for having a great ability to communicate in their daily lives. A digital platform is crucial for employees’ communication.

A user-friendly, cloud-based environment that gives the ability to access company applications and devices is the ideal method to attract and please Gen Zers. If workers can’t communicate well it is likely that they will not be pleased by their employer. It’s crucial to create a system which allows them to stay with their employers.

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