The Importance Of A Good Health And Fitness Plan


Health is a condition of emotional, physical and social well being where illness and infirmity are either absent or reduced. It is a state in which we feel content with our bodies and our health is generally balanced. When people have poor health they are generally unhappy with both their bodies and their lives. They also have poor self image and are not able to perform to the best of their potential.

A happy balance of mind, body and spirit is what we call good health. The four aspects of health are physical, psychological, social and spiritual, and they all go hand in hand. When we achieve this well-balanced state we become mentally healthy and mentally illness is prevented. Once we attain good health we also enjoy a physically healthy body and this enables us to live a long, productive and happy life. The four aspects of health are mental, physical, social and spiritual, and they are all interrelated and cannot be separated from each other.

Health can be influenced by both internal and external factors. There are many illnesses that could affect your general well-being; for instance if you are overweight and/or underweight, or you are suffering from a medical condition like cancer or diabetes you may find yourself struggling to maintain good overall health. A good definition of health is ‘a state of total well-being that includes physical, emotional, social, and mental health’. If you feel depressed, anxious, angry, tired, and unable to cope with your daily responsibilities you may be suffering from an illness that affects your physical well-being.

Good health and physical fitness therefore go hand in hand. One must always try to maintain a good overall health. To achieve this, regular exercise, diet and good nutrition are essential. A good exercise regime includes cardiovascular exercises and muscle building, stretching and strength training. Eating healthy and nutritious food is essential to achieving a good physical fitness and to avoid illnesses that affect your physical well-being, such as cancer and diabetes.

Developed countries have lower life expectancy rates than the less developed countries. This is often because of the poor health conditions that are prevalent in the less developed countries, and the lack of physical fitness which result in an increased chance of diseases being contracted. Life expectancy can be reduced even further in developed countries if there is no provision for physical fitness and health, and this is where good health and fitness plan come into play. It is important for all people to lead a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, and there is no arguing that a balanced diet and regular exercise help in reducing the risks of developing illness such as cancer and diabetes.

Overall health is a state of complete physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Healthy foods, a balanced diet, a regular exercise regime, and a good health and fitness plan help to improve the quality of life that you experience. Physical well-being, in addition to a balanced diet, sleep, and regular maintenance of weight will contribute to a long and happy existence.

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