Choosing a Shaving Razor


A good shaving razor is the only way to go when you want to smooth out your facial area and get that shave that results in a very close trim. These razors are typically sharp enough to do a good job on the face, but they have to be dull or the face will be swollen or sore after the shave. Dull razors cause the hairs to be cut off close to the skin; this makes it harder for the skin to absorb the shaving cream or lotion. A good quality razor blade is the only way to make sure the skin is not damaged in the process of shaving. There are many different kinds of razors available, but it’s important to choose the right one based on how often you plan to use it, how sensitive your skin is and your face’s hair type. The perfect shaving razor for you will depend on all these factors.

The cheapest and easiest to use is the safety razor. These are normally electric and so have no cord. These are the best shaving razors for people who are new to shaving and need to learn the correct techniques. These are also the cheapest and sometimes most uncomfortable of the different types of shaving razors available. One benefit of using safety razors is that they don’t usually Nick or cut the skin which is a common problem with non-electric razors.

Next is the traditional straight-edge razor. This is usually the most expensive of the shaving razors and the blade is long and thin. Some of these blades are also tapered so that the angle of the blade is adjusted as the shave takes place. Shorter, single-bladed blades work well for women who don’t have particularly sensitive skin. Women who are going to be shaving with their facial hair will find this the easiest style to work with.

Some of the more advanced wet shaving razors are the combination of a blade cartridge and a blade. A combination razor has a handle that is designed to pull the hair from the skin rather than cut it. The blade of the wet shaving razor is attached to the cartridge by a metal clip. Some of these combination razors have a double edge blade, which can cut both the hair and the skin.

A wet shaving razor is the easiest style to use and doesn’t require any special equipment. However it does take longer to get a close shave and needs more patience than a true electric razor. Using a wet shaving razor is also easier to prevent ingrown hairs which can be painful. These razors also make great travel companions as they take up less space and can be used in a hotel or a plane ride.

An aftershave lotion or gel can be used to help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce stubble. When shaving cream is applied to the skin it lifts the dead skin cells that may be in the hair cutting path. This allows the razor to cut away more hair from the skin and give a closer and more accurate shave. Before applying an aftershave lotion, make sure that you already have a good quality shaving cream that will provide a good close shave without irritation to your skin.

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